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‘KEJEARC’ pioneers in development of modern welding and heating equipment. It was established in 1975 with the objective to indigenously manufacture and provide State Of Art Technology welding equipment. Just as a caterpillar metamorphs into a butterfly, our products keep on evolving to international standards.

Welcome To Kejearc

We are a leading Indian manufacturer of Welding Equipment with a long-standing experience of over 4 decades. Today, ‘KEJEARC’ is the only company in India which offers the widest range of equipment. Rather than offering just the products, our emphasis is on offering THE RIGHT WELDING SOLUTION. 

As you are aware, while selecting the mostappropriate welding system to suit your requirement, there are several factors to be taken into consideration, such as
  • Type of material to be welded.
  • Productivity requirement.
  • Electric power available
  • Type of manpower available.
  • Initial capital cost
  • Welding cost etc

LEGAL STATUS OF FIRM: Partnership firm

To select the right welding system, based on the above consideration definitely calls for an expertise. Over the years with hands-on experience of more than 8000 installations and several customers, we have perfected ourselves in offering the Right Welding Solutions.

Our customer support engineer carefully studies the requirements, including the relevant technical and commercial aspects. After a careful analysis, he suggests to you the appropriate system from a wide range of equipment comprising of  Robotic weaving for thick welding applications using Mig and Tig, Tig and Mig Welding Automation, Spot, Projection, Seam, Flash Butt, Resistance Brazing, etc.

Your requirements, along with samples and drawing are invited for our study and lowest quotation or simply call us for detailed discussions on your requirement.

Let’s work out the right Welding Solution, together

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While making an effort to introduce the latest technologies we have developed magnificent range of products

  • AC Arc Welding transformer (180-400A) phased out
  • DC Welding Rectifiers (up to 600A) phased out
  • Pedal Operated Spot Welders (6-25kVA) phased out
  • Pneumatic Spot Welders (15-200kVA) 
  • Micro/Mini Spot Welders for precision Welding
  • DC Tig Welders (up to 600A) phased out
  • Pneumatic Projection Welders (50-200kVA) 


  • Pneumatic Seam Welders (50-200kVA) 
  • Hydraulic Flash Butt Welders (50-250kVA) 
  • Direct Resistance Heaters (50-250kVA) 
  • Rotary Tig/Mig Welding Systems
  • Linear Tig/Mig Welding Systems
  • Resistance Brazing Machines
  • Metal Gathering Machine (12-300kVA) 
  • Mig/Mag Welders (200-600A) Phased out
  • Portable Spot Welders (25-100kVA)
  • Robotic Weaving using Mig and Tig Welding Machines