Metal Gathering Machines

Kejearc Metal Gathering Equipment has evolved over years of experience. Our Engineers have a constant endeavor to achieve state of the art equipment.

Details :

Metal Gathering is a means of preforming a bar to create an enlarged diameter on a bar as shown along side. The cold bar is placed in the upsetter and clamped by a vice. A low voltage high current is passed through the bar thereby heating the head to forging temperature. An axial force is applied, compressing the bar at its hot end forming an onion shaped head.

Typical Aplication:
The heads produced by open upsetting are generally intermediate forging forms in which the bulk of the material is distributed towards the end of the bar. These intermediate forms are finish formed on a forging press and the job need not be re-heated.

The materials 
Basically all materials covering the entire die forging range are suitable for electric upsetting ie. steel, brass and in some cases aluminum


1. INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY : Its a double! You get heating and forming in one operation. We have brought together a difficult combination only for you ie. besides thermo-mechanical coupling its also coupled with electrical joule heating.


2. SAVE ON BTU’s : Why heat up the entire furnace, its bricks, surrounding atmosphere (coupled with fumes and dirt), when all you want to heat is your job?? In this case, the machine is at your service immediately without the need for energy consuming warm up time. What’s more, only the bar volume to be upset is actually heated. 

* Electric resistance heating is cheaper than induction heating.


3. SAVE ON MATERIAL: Imagine machining a 24mm rod to obtain 8mm profile (for 70 % of total length) on one end. We have to achieve the ratio of output to input equal to 1. We mustn’t lose out a lot in machining. So we go reverse ie. take on 8 mm job and gather it to 24mm.

4. NO FORGING FURNACE REQUIRED: The workspace need not be reheated as when it is taken out of the electric upsetter, the load is at forging heat and thus can be transferred instantaneously to the die forging press. 


5: SCALE FREE HEAT: The inherent property of resistance heating, which causes heat to travel from core towards outside and relatively fast heating, keeps the upset heat without scale. Thus, reducing abrasive wear of forging dies.


6: FAVOURABLE MICROSTRUCTURE OF WORKPIECES: Electric upsetting produces optimum grain structure. The surface of the upset form is free from wrinkles and burrs. The cold shank remains entirely undamaged.