While making an effort to introduce the latest technologies we have developed magnificent range of products

  • AC Arc Welding transformer (180-400A) phased out
  • DC Welding Rectifiers (up to 600A) phased out
  • Pedal Operated Spot Welders (6-25kVA) phased out
  • Pneumatic Spot Welders (15-200kVA) 
  • Micro/Mini Spot Welders for precision Welding
  • DC Tig Welders (up to 600A) phased out
  • Pneumatic Projection Welders (50-200kVA) 

  • Pneumatic Seam Welders (50-200kVA) 
  • Hydraulic Flash Butt Welders (50-250kVA) 
  • Direct Resistance Heaters (50-250kVA) 
  • Rotary Tig/Mig Welding Systems
  • Linear Tig/Mig Welding Systems
  • Resistance Brazing Machines
  • Metal Gathering Machine (12-300kVA) 
  • Mig/Mag Welders (200-600A) Phased out
  • Portable Spot Welders (25-100kVA)
  • Robotic Weaving using Mig and Tig Welding Machines


Our consistent efforts in developing the latest welding equipments and systems for speed, precision and cost saving are appreciated with awards from Government of Maharashtra and Maratha Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Pune. To introduce our latest products to our customers and provide an opportunity for a dialogue , the company regularly participates in several exhibitions which includes IMTEX-Delhi, INTEC- Coimbatore, WELDEX,-Mumbai. Exports: The Company also has remarkable achievements in marketing its products internationally, with major exports to USSR, Srilanka, Qatar, Botswana, Bangladesh, etc.